2011 Group Christmas photos

My, how time flies! And who knew we could get 15 people in Michelle’s . . . → Read More: 2011 Group Christmas photos

Group Holiday Photo

Front row: Post-doc Matteo Galli, PI Michelle Oyen, PhD student Daniel Strange, MEng student Natasha Williams.

Back row: Visiting (EPFL) master student Elvis Fornasiere, PhD student Oliver Hudson, PhD student Tamaryn Shean, MEng student Aran Dasan, UROP Henry Pairaudeau, Visiting (EPFL) master student Emmanuel Frei.

Compared with last year’s photo, we’ve lost three but gained five . . . → Read More: Group Holiday Photo

Poroelastic Indentation

Post-doctoral researcher Matteo Galli’s work on poroelastic indentation analysis, including nanoindentation analysis, has been published in CMES, Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences. The article appears in a special issue of CMES focussing on contact mechanics, and edited by Prof. Selvadurai of McGill University. The paper describes an algorithm for fast analysis of . . . → Read More: Poroelastic Indentation

Award for Oliver Hudson

Group member Oliver Hudson has won a share of an international architectural design prize. The group, which formed in the department’s 4D13 Architectural Engineering module, was a mix of architects and engineers. The winning design was for an eco-friendly house powered in part by living algae contained in bioreactors integrated into the house . . . → Read More: Award for Oliver Hudson

Building bones and testing their properties

Michelle and Tammy provided mechanical expertise, in the form of nanoindentation testing and analysis, for a collaboration with the group of Molly Stevens at Imperial College London, Dept. of Materials. The study examined, using a wide variety of characterization techniques, the bone-like material formed by embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and differentiated osteoblast cells. . . . → Read More: Building bones and testing their properties


Michelle was recently in Manchester, on a visit hosted by Brian Derby of the University of Manchester’s School of Materials. The visit round up is posted online on their group’s . . . → Read More: Manchester

Congrats to Wesley!

Undergraduate researcher (and medic-in-training) Wesley Chua has had a journal paper accepted based on a summer research (UROP) project in our group in 2007. (At the time it was still to become a group, Wesley was the first researcher working in the OyenLab since it’s establishment at Cambridge!) Wesley’s review, “Do we know the . . . → Read More: Congrats to Wesley!

Teddies in Space

The internet is abuzz with news of the first space-walking stuffed bears; here in the OyenLab we are so pleased to note that group member Dan Strange (back row, second from the right in the group holiday photo) was part of the teddies in space team. More details here . . . → Read More: Teddies in Space

Group Holiday Picture

We had our Dec. 2008 holiday party today, and here is the full . . . → Read More: Group Holiday Picture

Prize for Oliver Hudson!

OyenLab PhD student Oliver Hudson was part of a team that recently won a £100 prize from the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs competition. They were required to write 100 words describing an innovative technology and its business potential. The group now has an opportunity to submit up to 1500 words for a prize of £1000. Congratulations . . . → Read More: Prize for Oliver Hudson!